Replacement consumer units and fuse box upgrades

A consumer unit is the electrical distribution board that controls the distribution of electricity within your property. Older consumer units were called fuse boxes or fuse boards. Our team of expert electrical contractors has a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding all types of consumer units. Our electricians can inspect your consumer unit to ensure that it meets current standards, repair it, or replace it with a more recent version.

The latest consumer units have in-built safety features and upgrading your consumer unit will be an investment in your home that results in peace of mind.

For a quote or to request a consumer unit check, please call A Team Electrical Services on 0333 772 1606 or email us at

If you live in an older property and your electrics have not been updated for some years, you may not have the right electrical equipment in place. We help you make informed decisions about your fuse board and will make any replacement process as easy and seamless as possible.

A Team Electrical Services will replace any old fuse boards with current 18th Edition consumer units fitted with a surge protective device.

This will provide better electrical safety for your property and reduce the risk of injury to you, your family or visitors. Our electricians will ensure that your home is up to current standards for electrical regulations.